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Tiwa Gives 10 Oral Sex Tips You Should Try On Your Man

Oral Sex
Tiwa Gives 10 Oral Sex Tips You Should Try On Your Man

Tiwa Gives 10 Oral Sex Tips You Should Try On Your Man—-A blow job is a huge turn on for most men. The visual element of watching their penis slip in and out of a mouth gets a lot of them going. There’s no doubt it’s a pleasure every man would love to receive again and again.

Still, there is more to a blow job than just putting a dick in your mouth. A few tips for the ladies that would blow his mind.

  1. Enthusiasm goes a long way. Suck him like you are sucking your favourite lollypop. When your partner can feel that you’re enjoying the act, the more pleasurable it gets for him. So don’t do it reluctantly. It shows and kills the mood. 
  2. He would love you to swallow his juice as he cums, but if you can’t, don’t gag on it or act as if it’s poison. It’s a turn-off.
  3. Don’t bite: your lips and tongue are all you need to tease and please. Keep the teeth away…except that’s a kink he likes.
  4. Extend the pleasure to other areas like the perineum: the area between your partner’s scrotum and anus. It is highly sensitive because it has a lot of nerve endings. Giving this area a little attention….like flicking it with the tip of your tongue….can intensify pleasure.
  5. Not everyone can orgasm from a blow job and it’s normal. It doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong or that your partner is not pleased with the pleasure he is getting. Just enjoy the moment.
  6. Make eye contact. Looking into his eyes as you take him in your mouth and stroke him can be quite intense, but it is worth the effort as it aids intimacy and bonding.
  7. Play with ice. Sucking on an ice cube right before you put him in your mouth will give him a tingly thrill. Even taking a sip of cold water can create the same pleasurable sensation.
  8. Put your boobs to work. Since your cleavage is on display because you are bent over him, you can try taking his penis in one hand and tracing it over and between your breasts. What’s not to love about that?
  9. Change positions. It’s more fun to keep changing positions, so you both don’t get bored. Switching up the angle can change the sensation for him. You could try a 69. There’s nothing wrong with you both pleasuring each other at the same time.
  10. Hum. Want to take the action up a notch? Hum while he’s inside your mouth. The vibrations create an added sensation.
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Have a fun weekend trying out these tips.

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