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FACTS FILE!!! The North Holds The ACES – #2023Election


FACTS FILE!!! The North Holds The ACES#2023Election—-” The majority of the Yorubas from the South Western part of Nigeria never wanted Obasanjo to be President, but because the North wanted him, he became the president. The same was like that for Yar Adua and Jonathan.

The Yoruba’s didn’t even vote massively for the former President Olusegun Obasanjo. But, with the endorsement and votes of the North, he became the President and he governed Nigeria for the 8 years.

I am still saying it, even if, at then end of the day, the Yorubas won’t like Bola Tinubu to be the next president after Muhammadu Buhari, but if the North wants him, it would be easily possible for him to be.

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I repeat, the NORTH holds the aces!

That is the region that has got all it takes to stand with any candidate in any presidential election in this country and that person would easily be.


Bola Tinubu should keep working to get the supports, acceptance and endorsement of the North.

It is whoever the North
wants that would easily be.

The North built it for itself. When that region was busy building that politco-electoral prominence, strength and might over the many years in the country, the South was busy tolling the line of affinity with the Western cultural way of doing things.

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Now, the reality has set in for the rest of Nigeria in that regard.

The North is in control of the game of the power play in today’s Nigeria and the South is now struggling with its folly of the many years.

Democracy is a game of numbers and politico-constituency might.

It is the numbers of the majority, which always win in democracy. That is when the process is ideal anyway, not, most times, the says or fundamental human rights lamentations of the minority.

The minority in the South is now struggling with their ‘says’ in order to get what it deserves in the system, and the North controlling it with the strength of their ways.

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If Bola Tinubu cannot get it right with the North, and the Yorubas won’t want whoever that region prefers to give it to, in the South West, I am sorry, the region might have to wait for the opportunity of another election time after 2023.

If the North wants Bola Tinubu, he could easily be. If not, it would be pretty difficult for him to contest the election in order to realise his ambition of governing the country.

I repeat, the North holds the aces!

May Bola Tinubu succeed with the North!”


  • Olukayode Salako.
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