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CR7’s ‘Ex-Fling Send Strong Warning To His Girlfriend Georgina Rodriquez

CR7's 'Ex-Fling Send Strong Warning To His Girlfriend Georgina Rodriquez

CR7’s ‘Ex-fling Send Strong Warning To His Girlfriend Georgina Rodriquez—-Model Natacha Rodrigues, a reality star and model who claims she and Cristiano Ronaldo enjoyed a fling years ago, has issued a strong warning to the footballer’s girlfriend, Georgina  Rodriguez.

The Genius Media Nigeria reports that the 25,  in an interview with  The Sun On Sunday, September 5, said: ‘Cristiano dropped me like a brick and he could do the same to Georgina.

‘They say leopards never change their spots and professional footballers get a lot of attention from beautiful women who throw themselves at them. It will be the same in Manchester as it was in Europe. Georgina must keep an eye on him if there’s to be trust between them and a future for them.’


He reportedly spent two years sending secret messages to Natacha, 27, who claimed in 2017 that the footballer was in a committed relationship with his partner Georgina –  while begging to ‘see her bum in the flesh’.


After months of messaging, the pair allegedly met up, and ended up having sex.

She added: ‘I was hurt by the way he dumped me by blocking me on Instagram after we slept together, and it still hurts now. There’s always going to be a before and after in my life with Cristiano and the feeling there could have been more for us, even if we didn’t end up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.’

Love On Top star Natacha claimed that she and Ronaldo began flirting via DM in 2015, shortly after his split from Russian model Irina Shayk.

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She recalled in 2017, that the footballer allegedly messaged her, saying: ‘I love your bum. I want to see it in the flesh.’


Bedding her months after meeting his partner, Ronaldo messaged Natacha hours later saying ‘top secret please’, as wrote the publication at the time.

Portuguese reality star Natacha said that she feels used after the encounter. ‘I knew he had a girlfriend but we became friends, there was trust between us, a bond,’ she said at the time. ‘He was a lovely person and after messaging for so long it was amazing to be with him. Our night together was special.

But afterwards I told him I was going on a Portuguese reality show and he told me not to do it. By the time I came out he’d blocked me. Now I think he just used me for sex. I don’t have regrets because being with him was like a dream come true but I feel betrayed.’

Natacha admits to instigating the contact between the pair. She sent him a late-night picture of her behind on Instagram in September 2015 and captioned it: ‘Enormous Kiss’.

She said: ‘It was 1am and I did it as a joke! I never thought he’d reply. But at 6am he messaged me and things went from there.

‘It was when I sent him a video of me twerking in my underwear that he said he wanted to see me in person. Cristiano always made it clear he liked my body.

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‘He told me he loved my bum and wanted to see it personally.’

Ronaldo invited Natacha to his apartment in Lisbon on October 5 2016, but at the last minute he cancelled, claiming that he only had an hour spare and wanted longer with her.

He also asked her to send more pictures, writing: ‘Send me a twerk. Don’t forget.’

The pair continued to send messages to each other and when the star was back in his hometown on March 26 2017 they met.

When Natacha sent him a picture of her bottom, Ronaldo replied with the four-digit security code to his flat and said: ‘Don’t be embarrassed. I love kissing bottoms.’

Natacha said: ‘I couldn’t believe I was walking into Cristiano Ronaldo’s apartment. My heart was racing but he was very nice and sweet and told me to act as if I was in my home.

‘I took my shoes off and poured myself a juice from the fridge before sitting down next to him. We spoke about his apartment and where I was originally from.

‘I then took the lead, stood up, took down my trousers and bent over to show him my bottom. He smacked it and said he loved it.’

CR7's 'Ex-Fling Send Strong Warning To His Girlfriend Georgina Rodriquez

She claims they had sex in every room in the luxury flat other than his bedroom.

‘He was very affectionate and patient. I’d only seen his body on TV but close up it didn’t disappoint — he had muscular legs and was shaven everywhere.’

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After she says he gave a tour of the apartment.

‘He had a wardrobe which was brimming with clothes and asked me if I wanted anything,’ she said. ‘I ended up taking a baseball cap because I said I loved his hats.’

She says he also handed her 300 euros for taxis home and she left two hours after arriving.

‘The next day I messaged him saying I’d enjoyed being with him and promising to stay in touch,’ she said. ‘He replied with the words: ‘I also enjoyed it. We will see each other again one day. Top secret please. Kisses.”

Messages between the two stopped when she told him she was going on the Love On Top reality show, she said.

‘He said he didn’t want me to go on it. But I had already signed the contract and it was good money,’ she said. ‘I didn’t mention him on the show but I messaged him and he didn’t respond.

‘Two months later I sent him a WhatsApp saying I needed to talk but he’d blocked me. I’d gone from feeling really special to just another girl. I hope he is being faithful to Georgina now.

‘He told me the night we made love that I was the only one and he’d never done this to her before. At the time I believed him.’

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