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EXPOSED!!! Reno Omokri Reveals Secret Behind Spraying Money In Parties As #ObiCubana Shut Down Internet

EXPOSED!!! Reno Omokri Reveals Secret Behind Spraying Money In Parties As #ObiCubana Shut Down Internet—-The Foremost Author, lawyer and Former aide to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan has revealed a secret a friend who was a member of a white garment church shared with him some years back.

The Genius media Nigeria reports that Omokri was speaking about the money rain at the burial of the mother of Obi Cubana in Oba, Anambra State.

TGM had reported the lavish display of wealth in Oba on Friday when billionaire businessman, Obi Iyiegbu, aka Obi Cubana, buried his mother was in grand style.

Obi Cubana, who reportedly lost his mother in December 2020, laid her to rest on July 16th 2021 in Oba, Anambra state.

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The funeral’s preparations caught the attention of many after the club owner received 246 cows from his friends. 


Obi Cubana also bought a diamond chain and pendant from a popular jeweller, Efobi Stephen, which had his late mother’s face engraved on it. 

The burial is undoubtedly the biggest event in Nigeria this weekend, due to its many socialites, business icons, politicians, top government functionaries and politicians who gather at Oba in Anambra state to support the businessman.

Speaking on the burial, Reno Omokri quoted his friend as saying that as people pick the money sprayed on them, the more the sprayer’s wealth will keep growing.

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The former presidential advised people to always give their parents food to eat while they are alive.

“True story: I know a guy who attended a white garment ‘church’ in the 80s (thankfully, he is now born again). One of the spiritual rites they used to have him do was spray money on beggars. They told him as long as those people pick it up, his wealth will pick up,” he tweeted.

“Isaac did not bless Jacob because he gave him a good burial. He blessed him because he gave him food to eat-Genesis 27:25-30. Giving your parents food to eat while they are alive is one million times better than giving strangers food to eat after they die!

“Hustle. Work hard. Work smart. Do everything legally possible to make a success of yourself. Not because you want to give your parents a talk of the town burial, but because you want to give them a talk of the town life. When they die, they can’t enjoy your success.”

He added, “The Spraying of Sunny Ade Versus The Spraying of Obi Cubana. Who Won?”

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1 Comment

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