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Power Discos paid below 50% of total invoice in 5 months – Data

Despite claims by electricity distribution companies of generation companies conniving with power agencies to shaft them, reports have shown that energy invoice payment of the 11 Distribution Companies (Discos) to the Generation Companies (Gencos) is below 50 per cent over a period of five months.

Only one of distribution firms, Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), is leading with 45 per cent payment in the first five months of 2017.

Serial data published by the Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Plc (NBET) with the latest on the market performance on Monday showed that Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) was the highest paying Disco for four months, except January 2017 when it came next to Eko Distribution Company (EKEDC).

According to the breakdown, in January, Eko Disco paid 45.45 per cent of its invoice figure while Abuja Disco paid 45.01 per cent. The worst performer was the Jos Disco which struggled to pay only 14.99 per cent of its invoice.

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Those in the median in the month were Ibadan Disco with 35.10 per cent; Ikeja Disco with 34.02 percent; and Enugu Disco with 33.17 per cent. Kaduna and Kano Discos struggled with 22.14 and 21.83 percent while P/Harcourt and Yola made 20.99 and 20 percent payments.

In February, Abuja Disco led with 49.99 percent, Ikeja Disco trailed behind with 40 per cent payment. Kano Disco became the lowest by paying 16.03 percent while Jos Disco rose to 17.65 percent. In the middle was Eko Disco with 39.99 per cent, Ibadan Disco with 37.50 percent and Enugu Disco with 36.29 percent payment figure.

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Abuja Disco also led with 45 per cent payment in March. It was followed by Eko Disco 40 per cent and Ikeja Disco 39.99 per cent.

The lowest was Yola Disco with 0.0 per cent payment. While Ibadan Disco maintained 38.24 per cent; Benin Disco improved to 33.82 percent; Kaduna, Kano and Jos Discos were in the low range of 16.34 per cent, 15.74 and 15.00 per cent.

By April, Abuja Disco maintained 45.02 per cent with Ibadan, Eko and Ikeja Discos trailing behind with 40.30 per cent and 40 per cent respectively, the data revealed. While Yola Disco remitted nothing, Kano was still on 15.15 per cent. However, Kaduna and Jos slightly improved with 18.90 percent and 17 per cent payment levels.

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In the fifth month, Abuja still topped with 40 percent payment level with Ikeja Disco trailing at 40 percent. Ibadan Disco fell to 37.97 percent and Yola Disco that was at the bottom for March and April rose to 35.33 percent. Benin and Enugu Discos had 33.99 and 31.63 per cent payment levels.

While Kano Disco slipped to 13.92 per cent, Kaduna Disco was still at 18.32 percent and Jos Disco at 17 percent. Eko and P/Harcourt Discos had 29.91 and 24 percent payment levels.

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